About Us


Award of Excellence for Handicrafts

    We are one producing and marketing various kinds of swords professionally. By inheriting and developing the soul of Japanese swords, absorbing the prime of traditional technique of sword founding, which has a long history of more than two thousand years, gathering the wisdom of folk masters of sword founding, the swords we produced possess the following prominent characteristics, such as tenacity together with sharpness, hardness together with softness, not only inflexible but also extendable, full of dazzling cold light, used for both brandish and stab, with perfect appearance, possessing simplicity and elegance, and able to take conveniently.

    The Japanese sword has long been considered the soul of the samurai.It has been centerpieces of the samurai for centuries.all aspect of life revolved arround the etiquette of the japanese sword.
EIJI Forge is proud to offer a board selection of katana for the discerning for practicioner. Our sword go through copious amounts of testing. In order to bring you the finest crafmanship and metallurgy.

   We have a in-house quality control system and marketing team. All our swords have been enjoying an excellent reputation at home and abroad, because they are of good quality, favourable prices. We sincerely welcome all the customers  from the field of martial arts and the swords lovers to place orders with us and send the samples for producing, which we promise to give our prompt and careful attention from heart and soul.