Doutanuki tamahagane  The blade are forged and folded to Japanese standards, as well as include their own touch of experience and craftsmanship. and most definitely include an extremely sharp and durable cutting edge. The Doutanuki Tamahagane katana features a Kobuse Lamination. The design of the Katana has been inspired by the swords of the Edo period. Swords from this period were as much status symbol as they were weapon, and some were quite ornate.


  • Blade: The blade of the sword has been constructed from forge folded differentially hardened Tamahagane .
  • Blade Material: Tamahagane
  • Saya: The saya has been constructed from  wood with a bull horn koiguchi.
  • Tsuba: The tsuba is handmade from Iron and copper.
  • Tsuka: The habaki is brass .The fuchi-kashira are handmade copper and silver. The tsuka core is wooden with black samegawa and dark blue silk ito use hishigami. The tsuka features a two pinned bamboo mekugi.
  • Tsuka Length: 29Cm
  • Overall Length: 106Cm
  • Blade: Razor Sharp
  • Blade Length: 72Cm
  • Lamination : Kobuse
  • Polish : Keshi Hadori
  • Hardness: 60 HRC
  • Fittings: Handmade Copper and silver
  • Handle Material: Ray Skin & Silk Ito
  • Accessories:Sword Bag, & Certificate of Authenticity

Price : Rp.27.000.000
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