Wakizashi Naoshi 3  This is one of our more unique additions to the EIJIForge collection. Aside from the unokubi geometry the blade also feature a robust ha. This is reminiscent of the Japanese practice where naginatas were cut down into swords.





  • Blade: The blade of the sword hand forged folded differentially hardened 1095 High carbon steel  Maru Lamination.
  • The blade comes full tang and capable of taking on most traditional targets.
  • Saya: The saya has been constructed from wood with a deep red marbled finish and bull horn koiguchi.
  • Tsuba: The tsuba is blackened iron with phoenix and leaves motif.
  • Tsuka: The habaki is brass . The fuchigashira are blackened iron with a phoenix theme. The tsuka core is wooden with white samegawa and black silk ito use hishigami. The tsuka features a two pinned bamboo mekugi.
  • Blade:Very Sharp
  • Nagasa Length:16.5 “
  • Blade Material:1095 High Carbon steel
  • Tsuka Length:7 “
  • Fittings:Iron and Copper
  • Tsuka Material:Ray Skin and Silk ito
  • Lamination: Maru
  • HRC:59
  • Note: Sword Stand Not Included.

Price   : Rp.5.000.000

Status : Out Of Stock