This is Kiku Katana Takemitshu Series is simply the great piece for iaido or kenjutsu  practicioner, from a beginner to an advanced. The typical higo  style Fuchi/Kashira set is nicely blackened and attached on the Tsuka. We also choose Iron tsuba and brass-plated Menuki . Tsuka is wrapped with  cotton ito over a genuine rayskin .



  • Blade:71 Cm,  Hand Forged mukukitae from billet 1050 Carbon Steel in a Maru Lamination. Full Hand Hybrid Polish .
  • The blade comes full tang and Razor Sharp.
  • Saya: The Saya is wooden with a black high gloss  finish.
  • Tsuba: The Tsuba begins with a one piece brass construction Habaki. Two brass Seppas secure the blade of the sword. The Tsuba is  black iron design.
  • Tsuka: 28 Cm,  The Fuchi is blackened high quality iron ; Tsuka core is wooden with genuine Same (ray skin) and cotton Tsukamaki use hishigami. Two Bamboo Mekugi secure the tang of the sword into the Tsuka, while  brass Menuki decorate each side of the Tsuka.
Price : Rp.2.500.000
Status: Out Of Stock