The blade of the Nami katana is hand forged ,is made ​​of T10 tool steel in a Maru lamination. The blade is hardened differential to the sword to make strong but flexible. The sword had to be able to take on bamboo or multiple mats and still be able to perform complex trick cuts.





  • Blade: The blade of the sword has been constructed hand forged differentially hardened from T10 Tool steel  Steel in a Maru Lamination with real yokote.
  • The blade comes full tang and Razor Sharp.
  • Saya: The Koi-guchi has been reinforced with Buffalo horn and Coopper.
  • Tsuba: The Tsuba begins with a one piece brass construction double layers habaki. Two brass Seppas secure the blade of the sword. The Tsuba is  black iron.
  • Tsuka: The Fuchi is blackened iron  with genuine Same (ray skin) and brown Synthetic Silk Ito Tsukamaki without hishigami.
  • Blade: Very Sharp
  • Nagasa Length: 71 Cm
  • Blade Material: T10 Tool steel
  • Polish : Traditional polishing with wet stone.
  • Tsuka Length: 28 Cm
  • Blade Construction: Maru lamination
  • Tsuba Material: Handmade Casting Iron
  • Hardness of Yakiba: 59 HRC
  • Hardness Shinogi Ji : 40 Hrc
  • Ito Material:Shintetic Silk
  • Sageo : Synthetic Silk  Sageo
  • Fuchi Kashira Material: Iron

 Price   : Rp.4.000.000
Status : Out Of Stock