Ryu kage 1 The Ryu Kage features a Sanmai Lamination with high shinogi. The design of the Katana has been inspired by the swords of the Edo period. Swords from this period were as much status symbol as they were weapon, and some were quite ornate.The sword also features medium niku with high shinogi, so it’s a stylish and functional piece that could’ve taken on armor then and would cut bamboo easily now.

 This blades’ medium Niku along the Shinogiji allows for heavier and harder cutting. The Niku keeps the blade thicker so the cuts will not be as swift and clean as a lighter blade, but the the Ha will keep its cutting edge longer. The sword is appropriate for heavy Tameshigiri with tatami and bamboo.


  • Blade: The blade of the sword has been forged and folded using 1095 High Carbon Steel  in a Sanmai lamination. The hamon has been clay tempered .
  • The tip of the blade is a large kissaki  with a Kaeri-Asashi temper line.
  • The blade is full tang and very sharp.
  • Saya: The Saya is wooden with a high gloss black finish with matte black. The Sageo is black  a Shigeuchi .
  • Tsuka: The Tsuba is handmade copper with dragon cloud design. The Fuchikashira are also handmade copper. The Tsuka features double pinned Mekugi and brass menuki of anchors. The tsuka features rayskin samegawa lacquered black and black silk Ito.
  • Polish : traditional polish use wet stone and finger stone.

Price :   Rp.8.000.000
Status : Out Of Stock