Shin Ryu Kondo Isami Katana Hand forged folded using T10 tool steel and 1045 medium carbon steel with 3200 layers using the traditional Japanese method of Kobuse-kitae..The jigane has a mokume hada or wood grain appearance. It is highly polished with a darkened jigane, whitened ha, and crisply defined yokote and kissaki.




  • Blade: The blade has been constructed of differentially hardened forge folded T10 tool steel with over 3200 layers to create a stunning blade. The folding of the steel creates a very fine-grained mokume hada, which is brought out by the high-quality hand polish using Japanese water stones.
  • Saya: The Koi-guchi has been reinforced with Buffalo horn with rattan.
  • Tsuka:   with genuine Same (ray skin) and black Syntethic Silk Ito Tsukamaki use hishigami.
  • Blade: Very Sharp
  • Nagasa Length: 72 Cm
  • Blade Material: T10 Tool Steel – 1045 steel.
  • Polish : Hand polishing .
  • Tsuka Length: 29 Cm
  • Blade Construction: Kobuse lamination
  • Tsuba Material: Handmade from brass and copper
  • Ito & Sageo Material: Synthetic Silk
  • Sageo : Japanese Synthetic Silk Shigeuchi Sageo
  • Fuchi Kashira Material: Handmade from brass and copper
  • Mekugi: Smoked Bamboo Double Mekugi
    Price : Rp.10.000.000
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