This Shin Ryū Katana Hand made by EIJIForge is forged and folded using the traditional Japanese forging technique known as Muku Kitae. The blade itself is forged from Tamahagane steel.





  • Blade: The blade of the sword has been constructed from forge folded differentially hardened Tamahagane .
  • Blade Material: Tamahagane
  • Saya: The saya has been constructed from  wood with a bull horn koiguchi.
  • Tsuba: The tsuba is handmade from brass and copper.
  • Tsuka: The habaki is brass . The fuchi-kashira are handmade copper. The tsuka core is wooden with black samegawa and brown synthetic silk ito use hishigami. The tsuka features a two pinned bamboo mekugi.
  • Tsuka Length: 29Cm
  • Overall Length: 106Cm
  • Blade: Razor Sharp
  • Blade Length: 72Cm
  • Lamination : Maru
  • Polish : Keshi Hadori
  • Hardness: 60 HRC
  • Fittings: Handmade Brass and Copper
  • Accessories:Sword Bag,

     Price   : Rp.18.000.000
     Status : Out Of Stock