Shirasaya Folded T10 Kobuse    The Shirasaya has a long history in the art of Japanese sword smithing is used as blade storage before the blades have been fitted as well as in times of peace, to store ancestral blades and to display the fittings, sans sword. This shirasaya blade features is folded T-10/1045 steel blade with kobuse lamination, and a very active midare hamon .




  • Blade: The blade has been constructed from differentially hardened T-10/1045 folded carbon steel with Kobuse lamination, shinogi zukuri. The blade comes full tang and sharp.
  • Saya: The saya is wooden with a natural stained finish. The saya has been crafted to contour the shape of the blade. And fits seamlessly into the handle.
  • Tsuka: The habaki is brass The tsuka  with a buffalo horn fuchi and a two mekugi pin.
  • Overall Length: 38.5 “
  • Nagasa Length: 27.875 “
  • Tsuka Length: 10 “
  • Lamination: Kobuse
  • Blade: Very Sharp
  • Blade Material: Differentially Hardened Folded T-10/1045 Steel
  • Fittings: Shirasaya Mounts
  • Saya: wood and buffalo horn koiguchi
  • Tsuka Material: Hackleberry wood and buffalo horn
  • HRC: 59 Degrees
  • Accessories: Sword Bag, Gift Box

Price : Rp.5.800.000

Status : Out Of Stock

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