workshop sayaTypical question from new buyer.

EIJIForge sword made ​​where?

  •   We supply several brands , dojo and some online stores in other countries. if you want to discuss each brand so think first before knowing for sure because it could be from one maker or manufacturer. for a “REAL” collector, it is easy to know this from the results that have been made ​​from each maker though has been given its own brand name.

EIJIForge swords hand polished ?

  • EIJIForge swords are most certainly hand polished. Using electrical tools may heat up the blade and cause annealing to the steel, which is the returning to a soft state of the steel. for hybrid polish blade We still use with hand polish and not use machine grinding.

Can I visit the show room?

  • this time we have not been open to the public. only to specific colleagues who we know well.  

Can COD ?

  • Big Smilesorry we are not retail. anyway last time we COD @ Citos, the buyer is not come. so now  pure online store.

Collection ?

  • Each and every EIJIForge blade makes an excellent addition to any collection at every price-point.  The only limitation in this respect, is your budget. 

Why not open to public?

  • Last opened to the public that there are too many problems in Indonesia, not only practitioners who visit or buyers, but some unscrupulous mass organizations asking for tribute, unknown visitors who arrive without an appointment, etc. make home security and police hassle in our environment. this would make us uncomfortable workers and avoid – things beyond expectations then we decided not to open the public.

Takemitshu series can use for cutting practice with hard targets e.g bamboo? and which one?

  • Of course, select the one that is made start from forged steel 1060 Hcs . especially the type are made for batto. for small green bamboo you can select takemitshu series use 1045 carbon steel clay temper.

What is the difference bushi series with daimyo series, specially the lamination blade?

  • Fittings quality , polishing quality , forging process. you will clearly see the difference if you look carefully.

Your katana sword use hishigami on tsuka ito ?

  • Yes , some katana sword use hishigami and as you know that to use hishigami cost more in comparison with a katana sword at the handle without wearing hishigami.there is picture from a collector He give us,  who tried to untie his sword hilt to see if we were wearing hishigami.