How To Order

  • Each the product details show whether the product is on stock or if it’s already been sold.
  • Products can be reserved – only once – for a maximum of 48 hours in which the product will not be sold to anyone. After this reservation period the product will be re-activated and can be sold to anybody. Please contact us if you want to reserve a sword.
  • No shipping to P.O. boxes! Due to the nature of the product, you will need to sign for the package!

Order requirements

  • Phone Number
  • Shipping address (no PO box)


Order steps

  1. Chose and Confirm order the selected item via email or phone
  2. Make Payment Transfer To Our Bank Accounts:



3.Confirm payment to EIJIForge via email  or Whatsapp

4.Wait for tracking number from us and then track the packet with barcode tracking number from us.

5. 🙂