The Forge Folded Tensai is a stunning sword with high-quality fittings, mounting, and blade quality. The blade is forged of T10 Tool steel that has been folded to create more than 32000 layers of folded steel with Kobuse lamination over an iron core. The jigane has a mokume hada or wood grain appearance. It is highly polished with a darkened jigane, whitened ha, and crisply defined yokote and kissaki. It has a high-quality saya with higher quality genuine ray skin with polished buffalo horn koiguchi, kurikata, and kojiri. This sword has a very balanced feel in the hand and with the excellent fittings, finely forge folded steel, and amazing hand polish it is sure to be a centerpiece for your sword collection.



  • Blade: The blade of the sword has been constructed from forge folded differentially hardened T10 steel Kobuse Lamination.
  • Saya: The saya has been constructed from wood and bull horn koiguchi.
  • Tsuba: The tsuba is blackened iron .
  • Tsuka: The tsuka core is wooden with black samegawa and black real leather ito use hishigami. The tsuka features a two pinned bamboo mekugi.
  • Blade:Very Sharp
  • HRC:59

Price : Rp.9.000.000

Status : Out Of Stock

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